Hide me, heal me

5 Semester
Gesicht, Maske, Portrait
Tiefgehende Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema Portrait im kulturellen Kontext.

"Hide me, heal me" deals with the underlying worries of western society about epidemics, refugees and other struggles of a globalized earth.  In a world that becomes increasingly bigger in everything, how do people react when their personal space becomes smaller and smaller? Sickness, wars and mass migrations forces us all to live closer to each other while our differences become more apparent.

The symbol of a mask immediately comes to mind, one that shows the face we want to display.  In wake of the Ebola crisis in 2014, our media is flooded with people wearing surgeon-masks and other protective gear. It becomes the new symbol of protection, of distance, yet of sympathy and aid as well. With the first few cases of Ebola in European countries and in the United States, the mood quickly changes. Help is now also considered a risk, and masks not enough. Still, the mask is a clear symbol, a message, and maybe, one day, a daily accessory.

This photographic series, along with the hand embroidered masks, is an outlook to what might be. 

[Objekte: Handgestickten Masken auf Einweg-Mundschützen. // Fotografie: Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 100mm 2.0 Blenden: f8.0-11.0 Verschluss: 125s Iso 100, nur minimal in Photoshop CS6 Haut retuschiert. That's it.

Make up Artist: Iliriana Morina

Models: Klarika Koly (blond) & Linda Suschko (brünett)]