Tesla MX Loop

5 Semester
Design a medical equipment carrier that is suitable for MRI and makes up the anesthesiologist's workstation.

The Tesla MX Loop is a medical equipment carrier that makes up the anesthesiologist's workspace in the MRI. It consists of 2 intertwined belts equipped with standard rails inside. An magnetic field indicator display at viewing height and one below the unit that can illuminate the floor. A 21-inch screen with rotating push button in 16:9 format for an even larger display of vital signs. This can also be swiveled. In the upper area of the back are the connectors at a comfortable height and suspended in the standard rail and thus height-adjustable cable management system in which the cables can be hung in different ways.

The Tesla MX Loop convinces with its self-contained form. A pure and calm impression.

It faces the user, inviting him to interact with it while protecting the valuable technology that is held inside.

The parking brake is not in the area of the foot but in the hand area to be able to reach it more comfortably. The two shelves can accommodate equipment up to 50 cm wide. These are visible from almost any angle due to the positioning of the shelves. With 10 cm height, we have a spacious drawer for consumables in the front area. This can then be opened by pressure. I have deliberately dispensed with a handle here. To avoid undercuts in places that are constantly touched to ensure hygiene here. On the back we have the access for the house and service technician. Through the large flap the module box can be easily removed.