Won't you hurt me

6 Semester
Biophilic Design
In the scope of our "biophilic design" project we designed an exhibition to display our final projects. The concept of the exhibition was to create a landscape, engaging the beholders to move their bodies to look at the different student projects, which where exposed on the floor, on the walls or hanging down from the ceiling. We have laid a new wooden ground to give the room a more natural athmosphere and each project was presented on amorphous three dimensional height lines, showing the process as well as the final result of the projects.


Our attitude towards pain is very ambivalent. We consider hurting as something bad, thus knowing that it is essential to our lives. But what is essential about it? Where is it generated? And how do we connect it to certain parts of the body?

Because even small processes of our body are highly complex and impossible for us to grasp, the project uses objects and materials to make abstract knowledge tangible. Since the beauty of a process is best shown in its movement, video is chosen as the central medium of the project.



Unsere Einstellung zu Schmerz ist ambivalent: Wir bewerten ihn als schlecht – gleichzeitig wissen wir, dass er für uns existentiell ist. Aber was genau macht ihn existentiell? Wo wird er generiert? Wie ordnen wir ihn den einzelnen Körperstellen zu?

Da bereits kleine Vorgänge in unserem Körper hochkomplex und nur schwer greifbar sind, wurden Objekte und Materialien verwendet, um die abstrakten Prozesse zugänglich zu machen. Um die Schönheit in ihren Bewegungen zu zeigen, wurde Video zum zentralen Medium des Projekts.